Our Approach

The Exner Foundation is taking a three-pronged approach to achieve its short- and long- term goals:

Bridging Academic and Industry Expertise.

Public (all interested parties) and private (members and guests) knowledge-sharing and advocacy events include networking mixers, panel discussions, seminars, and workshops. Membership to the Exner Foundation also provides a sense of community among supporters and interested parties.

Advocacy and Awareness Initiatives.

In addition to our public events, our Knowledge Hub is a key initiative for public awareness and advocacy. This hub is an online resource curated and maintained by the Foundation. This hub has the ability to contain all types of media and files, and has extensive search capabilities. The public-facing portion is for public advocacy and awareness initiatives. It contains sharable and digestible information about important white-collar crime issues, including how society is impacted, how to recognize white-collar crime, and resources for those who are affected. The private portion of our Knowledge Hub is for members, and it contains more in-depth research, reports, jurisprudence, and analysis. This information is sourced from multiple sectors and analysis is not limited to the legal elements of these areas of study.

The Exner Foundation’s future blog (Clause and Effect) will be public, and it will draw from some documents in the private area of the hub, where appropriate. 

Encouraging Future Thought Leaders.

The Exner Foundation is working toward providing more resources for white-collar crime scholars via our Knowledge Hub and events, and by working with universities to create or shape course offerings that provide starting points for students to study white-collar crime.

Additionally, the Foundation awards a competitive annual scholarship for Albertan JD students and/or Albertan graduate students from all disciplines. The purpose of this scholarship is to celebrate and create incentives for academic contributions to our understanding of white-collar crime and ethics issues in governance, in the hope of generating more future thought leaders in this sphere. This scholarship also provides us with a great opportunity to partner with post-secondary institutions across Alberta.