The Exner Foundation for Academic Excellence in Law and Business is an Alberta non-profit organisation dedicated to furthering our understanding of white-collar crime. By encouraging research, knowledge-sharing, and public awareness, we aim to create leadership that can inform emerging law, policy, and trends in corporate governance.

The impact of white-collar crime in Canada and around the globe is estimated in trillions. However, white-collar crime is one of the most understudied, and therefore least understood, areas on the academic frontier.

White-collar crime is an ever-growing problem in today’s industrialised societies, and its sinews extend to corporations and individuals immeasurably. Globally, reports of fraud and other economic crime rates in the corporate sector are at all-time highs, and the impact of this activity is reaching more companies, and in more diverse ways, than ever before. For investors and other individuals who are affected by white-collar crimes, the social and economic costs are astounding. Victims of investor fraud often find themselves bankrupt, lose their homes, or lose retirement funds. The emotional toll these experiences can take – though unquantifiable – are often devastating to those who suffer these losses.